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Computer madness!

"They " say that computers make your life easier.  Most of the time this is true...until the computers revolt!
My main tower got a virus - a big one.  So I disconnected the tower and used my laptop.  This got old and I found something wonderful!  I got a port replicator dock for a mere $17.00 on Ebay.  Now, I could use my laptop as a tower and move it to the other rooms when needed.  Worked really well too.  So, I decided to invest in another laptop and leave it on the dock.  Got one, again on Ebay for $92.00.  It had a slight problem.  The plug in jack was sensitive and didn't work sometime.  Perfect for me, I am going to use it on the dock and leave it there. 
So, now the laptop is in the mail!  Yea!  Same day, my motherboard on my working laptop fries.  Woe!  Called Dell and they will replace it for free and even pay for the UPS.  Nice.  Bad that I don't have any computer now.
I went one day without my internet fix and that was enough.  I hauled out the dinosaur of a tower I had stashed the back of the closed and hooked it up the the (also dinosaur) monitor.  Shades of Windows 98!
The last time I got this one updated, all I wanted put in was wireless.  Did that happen?????   Noooooooo....
The guy I took it to decided that it also needed Windows 7.  He didn't bother to look that it is an illegal copy and my video card is not compatible.  What a jerk.  So, here I sit with a computer that is slower than molasses in January.
Thank the Goddess that I got my laptop in the mail today!  Bad news, there is nothing loaded on it but Window's Vista.  Sigh.  I have spent most of the day searching for and  downloading everything I need.  Adobe, Flash Player, Reader, Java, Avast! Windows Live messenger to get my mail.  I even had to download a Service Pack for Vista just to get the updates. 
12 hours later I am done.
Still don't have an Audio Output Device but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I have had enough of being a geek for one day.


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Aug. 15th, 2010 01:42 pm (UTC)
Just get an iPad and be done. ;)
Aug. 16th, 2010 11:29 am (UTC)
Don't think an iPad would work for me. I am a mouse kind of person. I even have a "mini" mouse on my laptop. The games I play don't work well for me with the touch pad.
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