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Note to self:
Give gift cards for presents this year for Christmas.

How DARE they?????

I am a geek.  I spend most of my waking hours when not at work on the computer.
So, when we listed our truck for sale on Craig's List, I was not a noob to computers.
Someone actually tried to scam us!  Imagine that.
We got emails from a Kavin Larry who really wanted the truck and was willing to purchase it sight unseen.
Gave some cock-and-bull story about being out of town on assignment.  We were willing to give the benifit of the doubt for awhile until we got the email today.
Seems his "assistant" sent out a money order for the wrong amount and it was way more than he was supposed to pay.  Could we please...please cash the money order at our bank and send him the balance by Western Union?  oh, sure...why not?...NOT!
Checked our driver's licenses and they verified that we weren't born yesterday and I know for a fact that I was born at night, but not last night.
Immediately reported him to the Internet Fraud Unit.
Bad news, we still have the truck and have to list it again.
When reading email...Beware!!!   Be very ware!!!!

Super shopper

I'm so very tired.  I have spent the past few days on Ebay looking at every imaginable laptop there is. 
After bidding on and losing many an item, I finally snagged one today.
It's a Dell 600 with everything I need CD/DVD RW, 40 gig hard drive, ATI Radeon 9000 Video Grafic W/32 MG, 1.4 GHZ, 512 MB RAM, Internal WIFI and Windows XP.
I have a Gateway MA3 (which will soon be listed on Ebay), but I wanted something smaller to take on vacations.  The battery on my Gateway is bad and the replacement batteries for Dell's are a lot cheaper.  Maybe that is because the company is still in business, I could be wrong.
I couldn't find a colored casing one for the price I got it at...Oh...computer and shipping = $139.00...so I am going to get a nifty skin to slap on the top.
Now I just have to wait a week for it to get here.  Since the UPS truck is very visable up here in the mountains, I should be able to be waiting on the doorstep for it to arrive.

Minor scuffle, not major Clash

Went to the movies today.  We don't get to go much since we live in the mountains, so when we do get to the "movin' picture show" much is expected.
Clash of the Titans is not at the top of the yeah! list.
The original movie was hokey and unbelievable but it was exciting.  Even with the nifty 3-D glasses this new  version was mediocre at the least.
Started out well enough with the commercial that they showed in 3-D.  Fish in the air and all.  The movie would have been the same drivel without the glasses.  Nothing really jumped out at you and the plot was slow and seemed rushed.
Not a bad movie but not one I would recommend to anyone.

donkey attack

The donkeys have attacked!
I live in a small town where a herd of donkeys roam free and are protected by the town.
Yesterday, two women exited a place of business, one with a salad and the other with a hamburger in to-go boxes.
The donkeys got a whiff of food and were on the move!  They trapped the two women in the enclosed outdoor smoking area and to pacify the animals, they passed out peanut butter crackers.
That worked for awhile and when they ran out, the donkeys started rummaging through the women's purses for more food. 
One woman made a break for it and ran to the parking garage with the donkeys in full pursuit.
The other woman was not so lucky.  She tried to run but she was old and only made it back to the building yelling that she was being attacked!
Naturally this notified the Security and all came running only to find a group of 14 fuzzy creatures peering at them through the glass doors looking hungry.
The woman in the parking garage was feeling quite alone so she also made the marathon sprint and landed back in the building.
Our manager surveyed the situation and calmly walked outside and "yee-hawed" the animals and they all went scurrying away.
He had a piece of gum that he kindly donated to them as a substitute.
If you are lucky, you can see one old white donkey blowing bubbles from his gum.  (or not...)
I am trying to find out information on how to upgrade my video card.  Everywhere I look on the internet, they assume you are a computer genius.  I just want my games to go faster and be able to play the new Monkey Island games.  Don't ask for much.

Zelda hates me.

I like to multi-task.  Currently I am playing 5 different Zelda games and I am getting beat up in all of them.
I am just about finished with Spirit Tracks (DS) and The Minish Cap (GBA) with only one battle left in each.  I eventually get tired of dieing and move on to another game.
A Link to the Past (GBA) is still challanging the third time around and I just got Zelda II (GBA) in the mail today.  Haven't figured that one out yet.  Surprisingly, Oracle of Seasons (GB Color) has proven itself to be very difficult and frustrating.  I have gotten killed by a little bitty unicorn dragon at least 10 times!  The secret is to get really ticked off and whack away at it blindly until it dies!
Maybe I should just chill out with something like mindless Chuzzle for awhile before game systems go flying. 

New User

So, apparantly I have had to open this journal to be able to read bigmog's journal.   Hmmm...I sense a plot here to advance the live journal participants.  I could be wrong.
But, since Bigmog is my favorite person, I will make the sacrifice.  Who knows?



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