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A story

It all started about 6 months ago...
The microwave at work broke and was broken for a couple of days.  I decided to take in the extra oven that I had out of the kindness of my heart...(and I wanted hot food).  All went well for 6 months and the company made no effort to purchase a new microwave.  They were happy just using mine.
Then I had a meeting with my boss in the aptly named "dragons's lair"  I was told for the second time in the past year by the same person that I wouldn't be moving to day shift because I was not suitable for day shift. Whatever that means.
So, I figured that if I wasn't suitable, neither was my appliance.
I contacted the lead of security, who knew that it was mine and he made all the appropriate contacts to made sure that surveillence knew it was mine and when I would be taking it home with me. 
Off we go after work with security carrying it out to my car and I went home.  I was happy in the knowledge that someone would not be having hot food for lunch.
I got to work at noon today and was met by the head of Security and the police.  He stated that they had pictures of me taking the microwave out of the breakroom.  I replied "MY Microwave?"  He had the deciency to look surprised and said "It is yours?'  (Idiot.)  The police disappeared.  They were going to arrest me for stealing my micorwave.
I work in a Casino for goodness sake.  Cameras???  There are cameras????!!!!!  Give me a break.
By the time swing shift got there, the gossip and rumors had grown and I was in jail and had a friend named Bubba.
and I get in trouble for gossip...go figure.



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