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Anyone who knows me knows that I am a rebel in a disposable world.
"Use it up, wear it out.  Make it do, or do without."
I have replaced fans, an LED monitor, keyboard and power jack in my laptop,
added memory and replaced batteries.  OK,...I am "frugal"  (cheap!)
My latest endevour will prove to be my greatest!
I was all set to slay a boss on the Minish Cap.
Stuck the GBA game into my DS and       Nothing.
White screen.  Other GBA games work.  Oh No!
So, I went online to find another Minish Cap game.
Seems that now that mine is broken, they are now collector items.
Did you know that there is a lithum battery in each GBA game?  Me
neither.  I popped that puppy open and found it!!!   Got a replacement coming
in the mail and we will see how far into geekdom I can go.

Christmas Shopping

I don't mind Christmas Shopping.  In fact, I do most of it from the comfort of my own chair equipped with a mouse.
It's just that it is hard to get into the Spirit of things.  So, once a year we wander into the "Big City" and go to the
mall to try to gather enough Spirit to last the Season.  What worked in the past no longer works.  The mall is
practically empty of retail stores and the decorations are sparse to say the least.  Santa did greet me by name
(or I would like to think so!) and waved a Merry Howdy to me, but other than that, it was not what I usually
expect out of a Christmas excursion.
I got my yearly Orange Julius and we ate at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries which made me very satisfied. (Yum!)
Big Lots was a bust and K-Mart is getting overpriced since they were taken over by Sears.
I suppose next year we will have to find a different way to psych ourselves up since it looks like the Malls are
going out of business.
Christmas music, a fire in the wood stove and cookies in the oven.  That is the solution.
Merry Yuletide Season to all!


Anyone that knows me realizes that I have issues with certain movies. 
Bambi, Terminator...
Now I have a new one.  My Fair Lady.  I know, it's a "Classic"  but what is this
movie telling us anyway.
Since she goes back to the Arrogant, Selfish, Boorish SOB who wants her only
to "fetch my slippers!"  can my other issue be worse?
Yes!  Towards the end of the movie (or play if you are so inclined) Eliza goes
back to her roots at the flower market where she finds her Father is getting
married the next morning.  Was she invited???  No.  When she finds out, does
she go to the wedding??  Again, no.
Moral of  the movie:  Be a dustmop.  It is fine to be spineless.  Blah.

Mountain Time

It constantly amazes me how narrow minded people are.  They are unable or unwilling to expand their minds to accept what they cannot envision.
I live in the Mountains in a Ghost Town with a population of 49.  We have no home mail delivery and have to go to the General Store in the closest town to pick up our mail at a Post Office Box.  Hokey, I know.  (no Deliverance banjo music please.)
I received a message from Paypal to update my account so they could send me my new up-to-date credit card that I never use.  They informed me that they could not mail it to a P.O. Box.  Now, how did I get this first one to begin with???   Hmm.
OK.  So I go on the website and try to change my address.  They won't take the address with the P.O. Box and won't take it without the P.O. Box.  As frustration sets in, I decided to just take the easy way out and E-Mail them with my question. 
Sometimes doing things on the internet is not as easy as doing it other ways.
I have found that people who live in large cities cannot grasp the concept of the small town ways.  Our grocery store is a 25 mile round trip.  To arrive at a "City", it is a 100 mile round trip.  (What!!!  No Starbucks!!!)
Not the life for everyone.  Which is why it is ours.

Moving up with the times

No one can say that I am an "up to the minute, progressive person"  That is a given.  But, with our newest adventure, we are definitely moving into the past.
All of my children have homes.  They own them, make payments and are relatively stationary.
Not me.
I have moved around this big old Earth so I could see and experience as much as possible.
Times change.
We have decided to buy a house.  After supporting other people by paying rent for many, many years it is time.
Woo-Hoo you say?  Well, ok. 
We now live in a town for 400 people at the tippy top of a mountain.  This town has gotten too big for us so we
are purchasing a house in a legally described "Ghost Town" just a stones throw from here.  It only has 35 people, not counting ghosts.
Land, trees and hardwood floors....ah....who could ask for anything more? 

save money everywhere

I am officially a Geek!
My laptop was heating up and shutting off when I was playing a game.  I looked up the problem online using my other
computer and found that I had a bad video card fan.
Called the guy I usually use to fix my computers and he wanted $100 to "try" to fix it and if he couldn't, he would take it
to another place that "most likely" could.  Sounds fishy to me.  So I did the next best thing.  I went to Ebay and bought
replacement fans for both the processor and video card.  Then, I went to the Dell website and downloaded a manual.
With fans in front of me and screwdrivers in hand I attacked my laptop.
It was a process.  I had to remove the display assembly, keyboard and palmrest panels.  Sure enough, the fans were all
mucked up with dirt.  I replaced them both and reversed everything I had done until I had one whole laptop again.
Now the real test.  Does it work????   Yes!!!  Success and very quite fans too!  I am very proud of myself and have extra money to boot.  Now maybe I can attack the Amazon Wish Lists further.  I already put a dent in them so now the dent gets deeper!  Yeah me!

Computer madness!

"They " say that computers make your life easier.  Most of the time this is true...until the computers revolt!
My main tower got a virus - a big one.  So I disconnected the tower and used my laptop.  This got old and I found something wonderful!  I got a port replicator dock for a mere $17.00 on Ebay.  Now, I could use my laptop as a tower and move it to the other rooms when needed.  Worked really well too.  So, I decided to invest in another laptop and leave it on the dock.  Got one, again on Ebay for $92.00.  It had a slight problem.  The plug in jack was sensitive and didn't work sometime.  Perfect for me, I am going to use it on the dock and leave it there. 
So, now the laptop is in the mail!  Yea!  Same day, my motherboard on my working laptop fries.  Woe!  Called Dell and they will replace it for free and even pay for the UPS.  Nice.  Bad that I don't have any computer now.
I went one day without my internet fix and that was enough.  I hauled out the dinosaur of a tower I had stashed the back of the closed and hooked it up the the (also dinosaur) monitor.  Shades of Windows 98!
The last time I got this one updated, all I wanted put in was wireless.  Did that happen?????   Noooooooo....
The guy I took it to decided that it also needed Windows 7.  He didn't bother to look that it is an illegal copy and my video card is not compatible.  What a jerk.  So, here I sit with a computer that is slower than molasses in January.
Thank the Goddess that I got my laptop in the mail today!  Bad news, there is nothing loaded on it but Window's Vista.  Sigh.  I have spent most of the day searching for and  downloading everything I need.  Adobe, Flash Player, Reader, Java, Avast! Windows Live messenger to get my mail.  I even had to download a Service Pack for Vista just to get the updates. 
12 hours later I am done.
Still don't have an Audio Output Device but that will have to wait until tomorrow.  I have had enough of being a geek for one day.

Lonely People

I have realized today that in an effort to fit in and belong, most people will believe anything that is told to them.
In this instance there is a young lady that so desperately wants to belong that she goes to extremes.  Like stalking.
Yes, we are being stalked from afar.
It seems that this woman does not want her actual father and after some evil proding from a crazy woman's rantings, she has decided that my husband is her father.
Now, normally this would be a topic of discussion except for the fact that when this little lady was concieved, he was "fixed" and could not possibly be her sire.
Does this stop her?????  Oh no.  She believes she is a miracle birth.
The actual funny thing about this is that she has been stalking us for over 17 years.  Now she has somehow convinced our sons that she is "one of us" and they are gushing over the sister they never knew they had.
Right now, I am thoroughly disgusted with them for the total disregard for their Father's feelings.  He feels as if he has been betrayed since no one will believe that he would have a daughter and not claim her.
Maybe when we get the late night calls from her pleading for acknowledgement, we should just transfer them to the boys.
I thank the Goddess that my boys have more sense.

Let me get this straight...

I learned something at work today.  If people make fun of you and you get your feelings hurt, you are not a victim.  It is your fault.  After all, they were just joking.
I also learned that if you take responsibility and consider your job important,  you are wrong.
So, now I have to learn how to be unresponsible and tough skinned.  I am not to expect that others will do their jobs and I am only supposed to do my job at it's minimum expectations.
The only thing I can say to this is, Thank Goddess I only have 4 more years to work.  Or un-work in this case.

A story

It all started about 6 months ago...
The microwave at work broke and was broken for a couple of days.  I decided to take in the extra oven that I had out of the kindness of my heart...(and I wanted hot food).  All went well for 6 months and the company made no effort to purchase a new microwave.  They were happy just using mine.
Then I had a meeting with my boss in the aptly named "dragons's lair"  I was told for the second time in the past year by the same person that I wouldn't be moving to day shift because I was not suitable for day shift. Whatever that means.
So, I figured that if I wasn't suitable, neither was my appliance.
I contacted the lead of security, who knew that it was mine and he made all the appropriate contacts to made sure that surveillence knew it was mine and when I would be taking it home with me. 
Off we go after work with security carrying it out to my car and I went home.  I was happy in the knowledge that someone would not be having hot food for lunch.
I got to work at noon today and was met by the head of Security and the police.  He stated that they had pictures of me taking the microwave out of the breakroom.  I replied "MY Microwave?"  He had the deciency to look surprised and said "It is yours?'  (Idiot.)  The police disappeared.  They were going to arrest me for stealing my micorwave.
I work in a Casino for goodness sake.  Cameras???  There are cameras????!!!!!  Give me a break.
By the time swing shift got there, the gossip and rumors had grown and I was in jail and had a friend named Bubba.
and I get in trouble for gossip...go figure.